Tuesday, December 19, 2006



All my roses have gone to bed for the winter. They no longer produce for me the lovely velvet petaled blooms. They no longer give their fragrance. Too bad. I enjoyed the blossoms.

Now I see the dead stumps I've yet to trim back for the winter. But will get to them this weekend. The thorns attached to the stems will not bother me for now. I have no reason to pick anymore roses.

I've decided to consult a specialist in roses. One who can tell me what to do about producing better varieties next year. One that can tell me how to prepare my soil and eliminate the varmits that serve to keep me from enjoying the beauty of the truest most beautiful roses. I found a blight in my variety.

I love all colors and had thought about getting a black rose. But I've already had one of those and am never going to get another. They give less beauty than one would think---even though they are different. So I shall stick to common varieties that flourish and enjoy the world I'm in without threatening to take over the rest of my garden.

And while the specialists do their job, I'll do mine. I will breathe rose-free air till Spring. There's alot to be done. That is what must occur in order to get those roses without thorns. And with the Rose of Sharon, there is no thorns either. He produces the best without the thorns. And I am grateful for His space in my garden. I pray He lives in yours. selahV


posttinebraelux said...

Roses provide such great fodder for any number of analogies. Their beauty, their aroma, their danger (the thorns), their death and resurrection, etc. Such beautiful reminders of God's love in so many ways.



Donna said...

I saw your comment on my blog. Have you lost a child. I would love to talk to you. Please e-mail me at futrmommom@yahoo.com I will read your blog more when I have more time. Love the nose job. LOL

SelahV said...

Hello PTL: sorry it's taken so long to get back to you. I've been having Spyware problems. Even as I write this, I have some kind of wierd Icon showing up. I've started another website on another server. Someone doesn't want me to be writing. Anyway. Yes, there are multiple analogies which may be drawn from the Rose. I'm sure as long as we live, others will write more, and so will I. I'm still praying for Patrick. Hope your Christmas was blessed with his presence and love. God bless...selahV

SelahV said...

donna: dear donna, my dear, dear donna. Yes. A son. 33 years old. On Mother's Day 2005. Still can't read your blog story. Just can't. I am still quite tender to touch. Like the deep bruise within that no one sees but is there nonetheless. I've started a new blog. Come by and visit. Love to you. My prayers have included you and many other mothers who I know are experiencing our same pain. God is gracious to allow us to meet and encourage and comfort. SelahV