Monday, December 18, 2006


I don't know about you, but I know a lot of people who don't get paid what they are worth.
Throughout my life, each job I held paid far below the amount most folks paid for the same position. But somehow, I survived.; God provided. And looking back I find that each and every job was preparing me for the next phase of my life. For that, there is no compensation.

As I watch people suffer around me, in a far worse situation than myself, I am reminded how truly blessed I am.
But on top of that, I am reminded that those who cause the sufferings, fears, injustice and pain for others will most certainly get their reward for their actions. The Lord says in His Word, that the wages of sin is death.

This sin may not bring death physically. But sin severs relationships. Sin destroys lives. Sin robs people of joy, peace and happiness. And sin will pay out what is due on pay day. Only God determines that moment. There is no doubt our sins will be found out. Even if we think we have hidden them well, they will be brought into the Light.

When Light penetrates darkness, what is unseen in the dark, is seen in the Light. While I don't want to see anyone punished, I don't want the unjust to go unpunished. I am grateful our Savior provides a way for us. I am grateful that Jesus can be better trusted to pay in full what I rightfully should pay and reward me for what little I may be due according to His riches in glory. Until then, I know who I can trust and most certainly who I cannot. Has something to do with discernment, I think.

In blogland, we face many many perils. Internet is both good and unfortunately very bad. There are those who lurk in the shadows of our typed letters and think their tracks are covered. They are not. They think no one is listening. They are wrong. They think no one is watching and no one will discover their evildoings. Some may feel they are righteous in their actions for some way they have been wronged. But that is a LIE. And when we buy into that logic, we are as bad as the evil one who we battle. Not in flesh and blood, but in realms, powers of darkness, and with principalities we cannot see.

The amazing thing is how God's voice thunders His warnings in the wee small hours of the morning. In the stillness of the night. In a whisper that will wake the dead. And when that voice speaks, His sheep know His voice and respond in obedience.

God is ever-present. Ever-watching. He neither slumbers, nor sleeps. He will protect and He will provide. And He will always, always pay just wages in every situation. And that is why I can sleep.


posttinebraelux said...

I know this blog isn't primarily about sin, but it leads me into that all too time-consuming quandry of man's sin vs. God's sovereignty. It is beyond my comprehension how God uses ALL things for good to those who love God and who are the called according to His purpose. I am reminded of Joseph, in response to his brothers' devilish behaviour, when he said, "what you meant for evil, God meant for good." How comforting to know that the I AM uses even peoples' vile behaviour to make His children look more like His Son and to bring glory to Himself.

Grace to you,


SelahV said...

PTL...I'm going to shorten your name to PT. my abbreviation for patience. LOL.
It's beyond my comprehension how God uses ALL things for good to those who love God and who are called to His purpose, too. I've found that the evil in the world and the evil doers and there to bring me into a closer communion with my Father. Only He can keep me amid the battles and protect me from the arrows.

For instance...I know some folks see alcohol as ok when used in moderation. I don't. Not because of any particular verse in scripture. But because of enormous amounts of consequences which follow the usage, be it moderate or beyond moderation. I wish alcohol had been abolished and dumped into the ocean and all men had been zapped with a heavenly lightning bolt and short-circuited their brains so they were never able to figure out how to produce it on this side of glory again.

I wish Jesus would come back today and I wouldn't have to think about the evil in the world anymore. I wish God would make it only rain at nite and give me 74 degree weather on command. I wish I could turn up the heat on the days I'd like to go swimming like I can on my thermostat. But I can't.

I wish cyberthieves and vicious malicious people were rotting in hell prepared for them because they will never ever change, repent and turn to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. I don't know who they are. I know I am not one of them. I know I don't want any should perish. But I know from scripture that some will. Because they are never ever ever going to allow anyone other than themselves to guide their self-centered, self-exalting, self-indulgent hearts. that I've blogged another blog...I want you to know that I dearly care for you, PT. And I pray someday the Lord will heal all our wounds in this present sphere of eternity. Until then all I can say is SelahV.