Thursday, November 30, 2006


Last night the Lord shouted at me.

Yes He did! Thunder pounded like a base drum in the sky above my roof. Lightning splashed the blackened sky like paparazzi bulbs on Oscar night. I heard God as clearly as if I'd been sitting in the middle of the Atlantic ocean and penned Psalm 29 myself. "The voice of the Lord is over the waters; the God of Glory thunders, the Lord thunders over the mighty waters."{3. "The voice of the Lord is powerful; the voice of the Lord is majestic."{4.

My windows rattled. Whipping winds tossed brittle leaves and ice against the panes. It was as if God were tapping with a whispered tone, "Hey, SelahV, let Me in. I want to share some thoughts with you." But I typed on. "The voice of the Lord strikes with flashes of lightning."{7. But I typed on. "Tap, tap, tap," my window-pane repeated. My fingertips paused; I thought for a while.

How great is my God. I love thunderstorms. I love lightning's panoramic display.
My daughter's dog whined and broke my reverie. She poked her cold nose on my bare ankle. She needed to go out. But she did not like the ice-ladened grass. Timidly she stepped as if walking upon crusted leaves was like thin ice on Moosehead Lake in Maine. I laughed. She was so comical. I wonder now, is that how God looks down on me when I'm afraid to walk on slippery slopes or unchallenged territory? He knows the ground is secure. The ice is but cellophane that He removes before I take a step.

Today I laugh again. For in my feeble attempt to post my blogs last night, some cyber thief snatched them up each time I hit "save or publish". Today I visited several blogs before I came to write. So many folks complaining. Their thought-filled posts had experienced the same fate as mine. How absolutely annoying. But oh so funny.

Amid today's lighted cloud-filled sky, ice and snow still falls in Oklahoma. Already today, I've tried to post. I've pushed the save and publish buttons. Gobble gobble crunch crunch were the silent sounds of my work being eaten and deposited into the cyber bowels of satan.

I got ticked for a few seconds, then laughed at how funny God is. I, in my finite self-filled humanity, thought I'd done something really grand, and God comes down and snatches it up before anyone ever gets a chance to read it. So do I get mad at my computer? My internet service provider? My electric company? Or my blogspot/google gurus?

Nay, none of the above. The sin of self originated with me and the Lord just purged my sweet adorable pride with a bit of cyberoptic humor. It's then I read the last line in Psalm 29 and I sat still and knew..."The Lord gives strength to His people; the Lord blesses His people with peace."{11. What joy is found in God's sense of humor! What peace His voice restores when thunder shouts and lightning clears clouds of night with the Presence of His Word. Pause, think on these things today, my SelahV [copyrighted, 2006, selahV]


Anonymous said...

Dear Selah,

The Lord sure has a way of getting our attention doesn't He! We have 10 inches of snow here...and we're not done yet....the hustle and bustle comes to a standstill. We can either be aggravated, or thankful for this time to slow down, reflect, enjoy a little down time we rarely take on our own...I'm going to be I look's so peaceful and beautiful out there....everything is covered in a sparkling blanket of pure white snow...absolutely breathtaking!

I love the way you used Psalm 29 to describe what was going on around you......God's power is so awesome isn't it.

I am glad this post didn't get ate by cyperspace...I really enjoyed it!

A big warm hug to you,

SelahV said...

Rose, I wrote this one down on paper before I clicked the button. HA! didn't trust that button, or maybe the Lord enough. At any rate, I knew I could never duplicate it. It just flowed out of my heart. Watching Kelsie tiptoe through that ice-ladened grass was a hoot. I love the snow. I lived in Connecticut for 14 years and I really loved the winters there. I truly love the Thunder. The lightning? well, sometimes that bothers me. But I LOVE the Thunder. It's a source of comfort I can't describe. selahV