Friday, November 10, 2006


I just finished writing two blogs. Then I deleted them. I thought, why bother? What difference does it make?

To my knowledge, I've had exactly four people who have read my stuff. Shouldn't I be doing something more important? I could be jumping on the trampoline with Haylee Jae. I could be Christmas shopping. I could be baking apple pies.

Why do I bother? I really don't know. At this moment, I comfort myself with the thought, I write because I must. But to be perfectly honest, I just don't know.

Why did God give me this talent? What good is a talent if it isn't used? I could bury it like I've done for about ten years. I could just go back to sending out greeting cards. I could leave all my thoughts trapped inside my mind. It worked for ten years. Isn't writing kinda like being proud of oneself? Doesn't it carry a subliminal message that I have something to say? That folks oughta listen to me? I don't know. It's a struggle. And I'm just gonna have to pray about it. Because today, I just don't know why I bother. So I'm gonna go bake some pies.


Anonymous said...

Yummy , pies....I am sure you are a good pie maker. That is a talent too. Me, I dont do pies, not my thing. I am a bar person. dump the ingrediants in and pour in a pan and wait for the results. A pie you have to make the crust, which I find boring to do and them you have to cut your fruit up and make the filling and seal it with antoher crust. Then as it bakes it bubbles over into your oven. Just not my thing. Pies take patience, bars are no brainers. If you can bake pies you have patience. With your blog site you will need to be patient. My husband would love your pies. He is deprived of pies. Keep writing,BJ.

SelahV said...

BJ: Patience, eh? I must say, my apple pie turned out rather nice. It's half gone. It is my husband's favorite. I figure when all else fails, bake a pie. Ha!

SelahV said...

BJ, p.s. you're right. I have to clean my oven today. Lol. selahV

Anonymous said...

Dear Selah,

If you are writing out of obedience to God (using the gift He gave you), then it doesn't matter if you see whatever results you're wanting to see, just be obedient to Him. But, if you are writing because you think people oughta listen to you..well, that's different. :)

I know it can be frustrating in the blogging world, but if we only write to get comments, well, we'll be frustrated. I certainly think your writing is great, and I hope you keep writing.

That apple pie sure sounds good. :)

Hugs to you,

SelahV said...

Rose: thanks for your words of wisdom. And for the email of exhortation. I needed that. I took your advise and printed my thoughts on Ted Haggard. I wrote, WHY BOTHER, because it's how I felt at the moment. I'd written two other blogs and felt I was bloviating, deleted them and decided, who am I to write this stuff?

I admit I was feeling a bit sorry for myself. And God checked my spirit on that as quickly as I thought it. I had quite a chuckle with Him. He accepted my apology. He's really great that way.

Well, before this comment turns into another blog, I'll sign off for now. My pie had too much cinnamon. But my husband ate it anyway and even said it was great. He's more than I deserve. May tomorrow's rest in the Lord refresh you with peace and flood your soul with strength. SelahV